What you’ll find inside:

The SMART Goals Tool 

The Calibration Assessment Prep List 

The Development Plan Prep Tool 

The Evaluation Writing Prep List 

You’ll Discover…

How to write thoughtful evaluations for yourself (or your team)

How to get unstuck and come up with strong developmental goals

How to write your (or your team’s) development plans in a way that impresses your boss and sets you up for success

client LOVE

 - KCG

As I just experienced a mid-career change into the world of Technology Support leadership, LaTonia gave unbiased feedback on my areas of opportunity that led me to set clear career goals that I was able to achieve!

 - Preston W

I had the privilege of working with LaTonia, an exceptional leadership coach who was critical to my professional success. She offered personalized support, focusing on my strengths and weaknesses to help me overcome professional challenges and gain confidence. What set LaTonia apart was her commitment to staying up-to-date with industry trends and knowledge. Her advice and techniques were always relevant and helped me stand out in the competitive job market.


Working with LaTonia as my leadership coach has been a transformative experience. Her insightful guidance and tailored strategies have empowered me to navigate challenges with confidence. I’ve gained valuable skills in communication, decision-making, and team management. I’m grateful for the positive impact on both my professional and personal growth.

 - Maelle D

​​As a young professional, LaTonia has helped me navigate my corporate landscape, increased my confidence as a leader, and has provided me with the tools to continue growing as an innovator in my industry.

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